Reiseschutz SA the specialists for travel health insurance

Welcome to the Travel Protection !!!

We are experts for the special incoming travel health insurance for all guests from Europe (incl.  Schengen countries )! With us you can insure your guests/visitors from all over the world. We offer insurance cover for this not only in Europe, but worldwide! These products are offered worldwide in cooperation with foreign insurance companies. No matter who you want to insure, we have the right travel insurance for you.

“We offer special  visitor  health insurance for people wishing to travel to Europe.”

In cooperation with non-European insurance companies, we have various products that are tailored to country-specific needs. Your visitors can usually purchase travel insurance in their home country through our partners in cooperation with us. The respective country-specific insurance conditions and contributions apply here.

Tailored service - what insurance do you need?

We provide you with travel health insurance that covers exactly your needs. It doesn’t matter whether you are traveling to Europe at short notice or staying here for a longer period of time. You are traveling in a group, you work for an airline or only use Europe as a transit country. We’re here to help! If you are not yet sure which insurance you need, you can find a comparison of the insurance companies here.